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Huawei Global Analyst Conference 2021 keynote speech of Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman



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Huawei is hosting the 18th HAS (Huawei Global Analyst Summit) under the theme”Building a fully connected intelligent world”. The process was started back in 2004 since then company has been getting it done successfully.

On this occasion, Huawei’s rotating chairman and current active chairman Xu Zhijun (Eric Xu) gave a speech about Huawei: Optimize industry mix and use industry resilience to meet external challenges. Despite the challenges, he believes that the company will return to normal soon and come up with a new strategy for the next year.

The authorities give their opinion about how the industry can work together to tackle the difficult times, achieve fruitful outcomes, and speed up the arrival of the intelligent world. The active chairman narrates the five major aspects for the future of the company’s

  1. Optimize the industry mix and enhance the resilience of the industry, especially the enhancement of software capabilities, strengthening of the investment in the weakly related industries of advanced technology, and the investment in the intelligent auto parts industry
  2. Promote the full play of 5G value, define 5.5G, and lead the continuous evolution of 5G
  3. User-centered to create a seamless intelligent experience across the scene
  4. Reduce energy consumption through technological innovation and realize a low-carbon society
  5. Strive to solve supply continuity

Optimize the industry mix and enhance the resilience of the industry:

The company is facing many difficulties after the US Sanction because it affects Huawei’s relationship with many major companies such as Google, which is a big concern for the company.

Looking at these conditions the development of industrial resilience for Huawei is the primary need.

Strengthen the Software capabilities: For a telecom and smart devices company, it’s very important to have reliable and versatile software. In this line, the company made a huge investment to Strengthen the Software capabilities.

The president said, for almost two years we are consistently working to develop programming competency and will continue to do so in future for the efficient productivity.

Strengthen the Investments in the weekly related industries of advanced technology: The advanced technology always comes up with new solutions, and still exploring more, which is certainly beyond our imagination.

For example, the optical technology invested by Huawei initially develop for communication. While exploring it was found that it can also be used for many other fields such as optical desktop displays, vehicle head-up displays, and lasers. Headlights, as well as fiber optic sensors.

To sum up, the company is aiming to explore the existing technologies to bring new opportunities to create an advanced scenario.

Investment in auto-part industries: The company will continue to increase investment in the smart auto parts industry, especially in autonomous driving software, which is in high demand for producing smart vehicles and an intelligent network.

Promote the full play of 5G value, define 5.5G, and lead the continuous evolution of 5G:

Over the past years, 5G technologies have been grown remarkably. It’s reported that about 140 plus 5G  networks have been released across the globe, and the number of 5G users has reached 330 million.

5G has seen massive commercial rollouts, which are leading us to the smart era of digitalization. It has transformed user experience and advanced industrial development.

The company knows that 5G To C is needed to achieve 5G commercial success, which is how 5G meets the needs of consumers, and 5G To B, that is, how 5G meets the needs of all walks of life, and the two are developing in parallel. It’s expected to take a minimum of 3 to 5 years for new technology to normalize operations and reach maturity.

Huawei is planning to promote the major aspects of the network industry including high-reliability network connection, large uplink capacity, delay guarantee certainty, planning flexibility, construction, maintenance, and optimization of large-scale and small-scale networks of enterprises.

After four generations of wireless networking, the connection of people has essentially become a reality. Huawei hopes to explore the endless characteristics of 5G and 5.5G, and beyond.

User-centered to create a seamless intelligent experience across the scene:

The company is still overcoming the challenges that occur after the US ban against Huawei. Although, company’s smartphone business affects but the company’s aim to produce user-centered ecosystem hasn’t changed a bit.

Huawei is committed to developing user-centric, focusing on high-frequency application scenarios such as smart home, smart office, smart travel, sports and health, and audio-visual entertainment, and continues to create a full-scene, personalized, seamless experience.

The company’s self-developed HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS), HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), and many other technologies made a great contribution to reinforce both- the hardware and services ecosystem.

To be mentioned, HarmonyOS is a distributed operating system for all scenarios. It was initially developed for IoT devices but the further planned to launch it for mobile systems as well. The company is planning to upgrade about 300 million Huawei devices on HarmonyOS within this year.

About the HMS, it became the world’s third-largest mobile application ecosystem. It was reported that 2.3 million developers across the globe have been registered including 300,000 overseas and more than 120,000 extended applications by the end of 2020.

Reduce energy consumption through technological innovation and realize a low-carbon society:

According to Mr. Xu, carbon peak and carbon neutrality both are exceedingly hot and becoming a worldwide concern.

He further added that Huawei actively supports and participates in the fight against climate change, and believes that this is a major battle related to the destiny of mankind.

The company’s greatest value is to help all walks of life continuously reduce energy consumption through technological innovation and strive to achieve a low-carbon society.

Strive to solve supply continuity:

In the event, president Eric Xu addressed the current major challenge of the company. He said, “I know that everyone is very concerned about this issue. After being sanctioned by the United States, can Huawei continue to live? How to solve the problem of Huawei’s supply?”

While addressing this problem he elaborates that everyone knows that the design and manufacturing process of semiconductor products is very complicated and requires very high R&D investment and capital expenditure.

The US sanction against the company not only harmed the relationship with other partners but also has a major impact on the supply chain. Different regions play different roles in the industrial chain according to their own advantages.

In this equation, the company is trying to build a self-sufficient local industrial chain in each region. According to Eric Xu, to put everything back and avoid some bigger crisis, the basic thing is to cooperatively build global trust and restore the global industrial chain fastly.


More than 400 industry analysts, financial analysts, industry opinion leaders, and the media take part in the conference. Simeteniously, analysts and media from all over the world also participated online. At the conference, president Xu Wenwei said:

“The development of human society will enter a new level. We hope that “production, learning, research, and use will unite to meet challenges in the world’s problems, and explore directions driven by the vision to make connections stronger and make calculations faster”

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