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HarmonyOS is a unified language for different devices, 300 million devices to get this OS in 2021



HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS) a work of art that comes from a university of innovation called Huawei, and launched to provide a seamless integrated and cross-device user experience across different device platforms.

Today, while talking at TEDx, Huawei Consumer Department Software President, Wang Chenglu presented a theme “Connecting to A Simpler Life” and it’s directed for HarmonyOS.

Dr. Wang said HarmonyOS is a new generation of intelligent device operating systems that provide a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection, and collaboration of different devices.

Wang Chenglu pointed out that as individuals own more and more smart devices, Huawei hopes that they are not isolated from each other, but can collaborate with each other more efficiently, and communicate with each other just like people,.

Let the Internet of Everything truly come into life, and let N smart devices become a smart assistant.

“For example, at home, you can use a smartwatch to determine that after the user falls asleep, the lighting equipment will automatically turn off, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the temperature to create the best sleeping environment, just like a caring housekeeper is hidden at home. When exercising, wear equipment and more Each exercise equipment is connected to each other, providing users with scientific exercise advice and comprehensive data analysis in real-time, becoming your personal trainer.”

“However, because different devices are equipped with different operating systems, it is difficult to connect them, and it is impossible to talk about intelligence. The interconnected life of all things needs a unified language that allows devices to communicate with each other.”


Wang pointed out that HarmonyOS will connect more devices from this technology, so that different devices can not only be connected together but also can achieve collaboration, allowing users to use multiple devices such as when using one device. It’s that simple, so as to provide consumers with a better user experience.

Similarly, for hardware manufactures, HarmonyOS will help them upgrade their intelligent industries, and for application manufactures, HarmonyOS will help them get more traffic access to other intelligent hardware aside from mobile platforms.

Furthermore, the software chief reiterated his commitment for this year’s aim, which is to install HarmonyOS in 300 million devices, of which the company is targeting to get 200 million done through smartphones.

According to a previous report, Huawei will launch HarmonyOS on mobile in April and the company will start to test it on previous devices in the same month.

There’s more to know on this matter and we cannot wait for Huawei to reveals us the HarmonyOS rollout roadmap.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.