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6G is coming in 2030, Huawei will publish 6G white paper soon



On April 12 at the Huawei Global Analyst Summit, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei address the future possibilities of the 6G network During his speech on Huawei Strategy for the future.

He said that 6G will come soon after 2030, but why there are only a few people who know about it? In this segment, the company will soon reveal the 6G white paper, briefing the 6G.

To be mentioned, Dr. Zhu Peiying, Huawei Fellow researcher also talks about the vision of the 6th generation network during her speech at IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference. According to her, after a decade, intelligence will become more distributed than centralized, it can be seen everywhere in our lives.

Coming back to the 6G, Huawei is currently preparing for two subjects. The first is to work with the industry to define what 6G is. Simenteniously, doing the ground research on 6G to pointing out every aspect.

In this line, the chairman said “Looking forward to 6G, there may not necessarily be 6G, but we will prepare for the possible arrival of 6G”.

Talking about the statics:

  • China Mobile had 942 million users in which 165 million users are using the 5G package
  • China Telecom had 351 million users in which 86.5 million users are using the 5G package
  • China Unicom has 306 million users in which 70.83 million users are using the 5G package

Looking at these statics, we can conclude that majority of users are still on the 4G network because the number of 5G package users of the three major operators is only reached 300 million.

In this case when the arrival of the 6th generation of networks just a decade away, there is a great need of introducing the 6G. Because this network will do much more than just transmit data. It will become a distributed intelligent entity that can merge the real and digital worlds.


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