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5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper launched at Huawei HAS 2021



2021 Huawei Global Analyst Summit is going on from April 12th to 14th in Shenzhen. At the event, China Mobile, Shanghai branch, Industrial Research Institute, and Huawei jointly make an official announcement and released the 5G Positioning Open API Industry White Paper.

This white paper is defining the 5G placement architecture and capability exposure APIs (Application Programming Interface). It will help to develop positioning capabilities for a wide range of applications across industries and take the industry-oriented application development to the next level.

Mobile communications technology has abounded for about 10 years, before being superseded by a new standard. With the rapid development of the 5G networks across the globe, integration of the 5G array also develop rationally.

This covers smart manufacturing, smart ports, smart mines, and smart energy. Among these applications, many location-based services play an important role during enterprise digital transformation.

It is also reliable in terms of enterprise management, security monitoring, emergency rescue, trip monitoring, and more. We can also say that it boosts the innovations of today.

The 5G positioning architecture stretch to the UE, 5G RAN, and 5G core. Grasping the 5G infrastructure, operators can integrate the 5G positioning capabilities with the communications network and build a merge 5G positioning platform. This will helps operators with both 5G network communications and positioning services for the partner companies.

In order to strengthen platform interoperability, the white paper defines 5G network positioning APIs of different types and functions. This helps the consumers to obtain location services and improve collaboration between all partners on the 5G positioning industry chain.

This software interface can retrieve location services including geofence, map management, location alarm, and query tracking. As of now, it’s still in the early phase while the 3GPP-standard positioning capabilities are continuously progressing.

Chen Yurong, deputy general manager of China Mobile believes that Location services are one of the important amenities serves by the 5G network. She claimed that China Mobile is leading the development of 5G + Positioning convergence.

About the collaboration with Huawei, She responded that working with Huawei, we are determined to promote the maturity of 5G positioning capabilities, develop 5G placement characteristics for providing the solutions specific to vertical industries. “We are looking forward to driving the industry forward through combined strengths”, she added.

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