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Huawei and China Telecom jointly hold a press conference for “5G City” in Xiamen



On April 9, 2021, China Telecom’s Xiamen branch (Xiamen Telecom) and Huawei jointly hold a press conference on “5G City, Yilu has a promising” Xiamen “5G City”.

At this conference, China Telecom’s Xiamen branch and Huawei jointly signed a “5G City” joint innovation strategic cooperation agreement and jointly built the world’s first large-scale Xiamen 5G city to release super uplinks, marking the beginning of the cooperation between the two parties. Stage of development.

The leader who has attended the event are from Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, Xiamen Communications Administration, Xiamen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, China Telecom Fujian Company, China Telecom Xiamen Branch, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and customers from various industries.

This cooperation is a high response of both parties to the development of new infrastructure in the national “14th Five-Year Plan” and the construction of “high-quality benchmarks, high-profile models, modern frontiers, and international hubs” in Xiamen City.


It aims to pass the “5G City” The theme activities carried out a series of joint innovations to create a 5G boutique network city. The two parties will use more innovative technologies and solutions to build high-quality 5G networks, innovate and upgrade 2C applications for user experience, jointly accelerate the digitalization of the 2B industry, and consolidate the foundation of Xiamen’s digital economy.


During the meeting,  Xiamen Telecom throws light on the development blueprint of the “5G City”, and carried out exploration and practice in various fields of 2C, 2H, and 2B in order to realize new experiences, new applications, new integrations, and new developments in all walks of life.

  • The first is to use 5G super uplink technology more widely, to further strengthen the investment and guarantee for the construction of Xiamen’s 5G network, and to consolidate the foundation of Xiamen’s new infrastructure with a ubiquitous high-quality network.
  • The second is to better promote the integration of 5G technology with a live broadcast, VR/AR, cloud applications, etc., and change the way of social entertainment for citizens with the ultimate network experience.
  • The third is to rely on China Telecom’s 5G customized private network solutions of network customization, edge intelligence, cloud collaboration, application on-demand to promote the landing of more “5G+ industry” applications, and to empower Xiamen’s thousands of industries with rich smart applications.
  • The fourth is to make Xiamen’s first 5G application competition and other follow-up activities bigger and bigger, to drive more outstanding 5G innovation and entrepreneurial application projects and teams to land in Xiamen, to empower the new economy with the new 5G ecology, and form an effective investment drive for the local economy.

It is reported that Xiamen Telecom continues to promote 5G innovation practices and has taken the lead in realizing the large-scale implementation of multiple 5G advanced technologies such as “Super Uplink” and “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing” on the beautiful Ludao, making Xiamen Telecom’s 5G network faster and wider coverage.

To date, Xiamen Telecom has opened more than 1,600 5G base stations, realizing continuous coverage of 5G signals in urban areas and key towns. At the same time, based on the comprehensive advantages of the high computing power of “5G+cloud+AI”, Xiamen Telecom has set benchmarks for multiple 5G industry applications such as smart industry, smart medical care, and smart media, including the first Fujian “5G+” joint research and development with Linde Forklift.


The application of AGV (Automatic Guided Transport Vehicle) and the first 5G full coverage hospital in Fujian jointly built with the Cardiovascular Hospital of Xiamen University have greatly promoted the digital development of 5G in the Xiamen industry.

Taking this “5G City” release as an opportunity, Xiamen Telecom will continue to build 5G boutique networks in collaboration with Huawei, and work with the majority of 5G industry chain partners to explore 5G innovative applications in more fields and jointly prosper the 5G industry ecosystem, To make greater contributions to Xiamen’s march towards a new digital era of “two highs and two modernizations” and the construction of a “high-quality, high-value, modern and international” city.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.

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New Huawei Hongmeng trademark clashes with first one, got rejected



Huawei Hongemeng

Today, Beijing Intellectual Property Court gave the first instance judgment on Huawei’s appeal against the State Intellectual Property Office for the rejection of the Hongmeng trademark.

To be mentioned, Hongmeng is the Chinese name of the HarmonyOS, the trademark has been in controversy once before.

The court has rejected the plea of plaintiff Huawei filed because it was dissatisfied with the decision of the rejection of the “Hongmeng HongMeng” trademark by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The lawsuit was refused because the disputed Hongmeng HongMeng trademark was found similar to cited trademark Hongmeng in terms of text composition, call, meaning, and have constituted similar trademark signs.


Hongmeng trademark dispute 1

However, if the trademark was passed and used together with cited trademark then it will definitely cause confusion and misidentification of services among the consumers.

According to the information, this trademark’s international classification was involved 38 types of communication services. To be mentioned, Huawei had filed a plea against 42 types of “Hongmeng” trademarks, which were also judged similarly.

Hongmeng trademark dispute 2

In this dispute case plaintiff Huawei’s clarifications:

  • The overall meaning of the disputed trademark and cited trademark is distinct and does not constitute a similar trademark used for the same or similar services.
  • The cited trademark has been in the process of revocation of non-use for three consecutive years, and the state of rights is unstable, and the trial of this case is requested to be suspended.
  • The trademark in dispute is the original design of the plaintiff, which has been well-known after long-term publicity, which will not cause confusion and misunderstanding by the relevant public.

On the other hand, the defendant argued that the facts were clear, the applicable law was correct, and the procedures were legal and requested the court to deny the plaintiff’s request for trial.

Hongmeng trademark dispute

(Via: mydrivers)

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Huawei Forum maintenance completed one week earlier



Huawei AppGallery

Today, Huawei has officially announced that Huawei Forum maintenance has successfully been concluded one week earlier than the actual schedule. Now, the services are being resumed such as Huawei Club’s PC, APP, and WAP versions.

Huawei users can now visit Huawei Forum and continue the HarmonyOS 2.0 testing using the My Huawei App and WAP version of upgrade and early adopters.

Huawei club maintenance resumed

According to the previous information, Huawei has published an official notice on July 25 regarding the upgrade maintenance for Huawei Forum between July 26, 2021, to August 9, 2021, 22:00.

With the Huawei Forum’s up-gradation announcement, the company also posted an apology  for the inconvenience during the maintenance “Thank you Forum members for your continued understanding and support of the Huawei Forum!”


Huawei achieved 40 million HarmonyOS installations:

At the Huawei P50 series launch event, Huawei has confirmed that so far HarmonyOS 2.0 brand new operating system has been installed in over 40 million devices.

The rapid progress clearly reflects that Huawei is working as much as fast it can to deliver the next level user’s experience to the least possible device.

Also, check:

HarmonyOS 2 completes 40 million installations, Huawei P10 and Mate 9 next to upgrade

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Huawei Petal One: An all in one package for Cloud, Music and Video services



Huawei Petal One

On July 29, at the flagship product launch conference, Huawei launched Petal One, an all-in-one subscription package for Huawei Cloud, video, and music services.

The Petal One integrates 3 premium services at relatively less costly compared to individual purchases. This service is similar to what Apple offers under the Apple One subscription bundle.

This all-in-one package includes Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package with 200GB capacity, Huawei Super Music VIP, and Huawei Video Gold Member & Partner Zone VIP membership.

What services Petal One includes:

The premium music service in Petal One has millions of libraries with all kinds of audio and music, while the premium video subscription offers high-quality video programs and movies. Meanwhile, the 200GB of Cloud storage can be shared between 5 family members.


Huawei Petal One

People with Petal One can cancel their membership anytime. Currently, Petal One only comes under monthly subscription, though Huawei could offer lengthy plans such as quarterly or half-yearly in the future.

To be mentioned, Petal One provides a multi-scenario membership service and can be supported on multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets smart wearables, and smart screens.

Huawei Cloud service

The Huawei Cloud service offers a safe place to store your crucial data. It takes automatic backup of the whole device that can be restored anytime very conveniently.

Talking about privacy, this service is completely secure and has a ‘Time Machine’ feature that can help you manage all your data in a single place. Furthermore, all this data can be synchronized on multiple devices to manage it over different smartphones and tablets.


Huawei petal one services

Price and Availability:

As per the Huawei Member Center app, the Petal One will be available for early buyers from August 28 to August 30. While full access to this service will be opened from September 1. The starting price for the Petal One bundle is 79 yuan (12 USD) for a monthly subscription.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this package will enter on the global market. We’ll keep you posted on further updates.

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