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Hey, we believe you like Huawei and its products. For you, this is a fine place to visit daily.

Huaweicentral.com is one of the leading sources of Huawei news. We provide the most comprehensive Huawei news coverage and in-depth reporting of its Smartphones, PCs, Tablets, TVs, Wearables, IoT, Business, ICT and more.

Huaweicentral.com established in early 2018, it has become the best place for Huawei products news, updates, and as a home for all technology lovers. If you were looking for the best place to read about Huawei, then Huaweicentral.com is for you.

We continuously breaking exclusive news and being the first to report information for our readers.


John H Jr. – Editor

John started his early career as a game developer and after working four years for an indie company, he stepped into Android development and became an Android enthusiast. John likes animals and once a month, he takes part in activities related to animal rights and welfare.

Deng Li

Deng Li is one of our leading writer, most of his smartphones are from Huawei and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). He likes learning about new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the tech life, he takes care of his garden.

Amy S

Amy M is a Writer at Huawei Central. She loves writing about technology and inventions. She is covering news related to smartphones in India. She’s a part-time gamer, She also loves dogs.

Yash M

Writer at Huawei Central, Yash is a graduate of computer science and followed his way into journalism, he is interested in various subjects related to technology and politics. Yash also has a huge songs library and likes to listen to songs.

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