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Huawei BladeAAU Solutions wins Informa best RAN Evolution Project Award



Huawei BladeAAU Solutions Award

On 27th September, Huawei BladeAAU Solutions has won the Informa’s best RAN Evolution Project Award at the 5G World 2021 summit. Its excellent characteristics in the Radio Access Network and 5G deployment made this solution win the award.

To be mentioned, the BladeAAU Solutions are also appreciated by global operators. Huawei has installed this solution in many countries including Switzerland, France, Italy, the Philippines, and Qatar.

Furthermore, the 5G summit also has other 14 awards for the telecom industry to acknowledge the great contributions of the leader. Its criteria include 5G wireless network, cloud core, network automation, business Innovative achievements, security, and sustainable development.

Huawei BladeAAU Solutions:

The company has launched Huawei BladeAAU in 2019 integrating 5G Massive MIMO with passive antennas. As the entry-level solution, it adopts a moderate size suitable for being placed in a small area with an easy deployment structure.

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It helps the operators in providing high bandwidth 5G connection and becoming the first choice. Later in 2020, the company made more improvements and introduced the BladeAAU Pro with more diversified adjustments. Now, the enhanced version has

  • 64 active antenna channels that were only 32 previously
  • Now it supports a 3.5GHz frequency band alongside 2.3-2.6GHz Massive MIMO
  • The active and passive antenna modules became independent with a more flexible installation process

About Informa:

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