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Honor has the best parts of Huawei in its veins: Zhao Ming



Honor best parts Huawei

Honor CEO – Zhao Ming recently appeared in an interview where he said that the company inherits some of the best parts of Huawei. These useful capabilities will help the company to make innovative products and remain at the top of the market.

Zhao says that the Honor team was born out of Huawei. Despite the firm no longer with its major branch, it still has Huawei’s magic in its veins and thought process.

The company also acquired Huawei’s culture, values, R&D capabilities, and innovation genes. When combined, these attributes help Honor to step ahead with better creativity and efficiency to make ‘better than before’ products for its customers.

Ming further recalled that Honor parted ways with Huawei in 2020 due to the U.S. sanctions. This action made its market share drop by 3%, the lowest point.

“When Honor became independent, we faced some challenges. But the Honor team was born out of Huawei, and we have inherited the best parts of Huawei, namely its culture, values, and R&D and innovation genes” – said Ming.

In terms of challenges, the initial problem was to make devices with controlled-price and innovative methods. The second was to regain its shares and stand as a separate firm in the market. Honor CEO says that without any hesitation, the tech maker chose the path of innovation and breakthrough.

It is worth mentioning that Honor has climbed the top spot in the first quarter of this year with impressive shipment and market share. Magic 6 series has a large amount of credit for this success. Now the company plans to introduce its first flip-flop foldable in the market by May 2024.

Honor best parts Huawei

Honor CEO Zhao Ming

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