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Huawei Beiming architecture brings a mainstream computing application frameworks



Huawei Beiming computing architecture

Huawei recently conducted the Huawei Full Connect 2021 Forum between 23rd to 25th September. Deng Taihua,  Huawei Vice President and President of Computing Product released the Beiming diversity computing architecture at the event.

As per the information, the Beiming architecture defines as a full-stack software implementing on computing hardware and clusters. Furthermore, it simplifies the development and placement of diverse computing attributes.

In addition, Xiong Yan who is the IT Product line and R&D depart President at Huawei informed at Beiming architecture is a fusion of basic computing. He further informed, the Bisheng C++ programming language, compiler, and Beiming acceleration library provide a versatile fabrication for diverse computing systems.

Moving further with the information, Bisheng C++ supports the higher-level programming model SYCL to synchronized programing language with the Kunpeng model. Additionally, the Beiming Fusion Acceleration Library offers API-based programming commands for pivotal functions.

Moreover, it’s compatible with all mainstream application frameworks present in the market. To be more precise, it supports a centralized API interface for multiple platforms such as

  • AI and big data fusion
  • AI and HPC (high-performance computing) fusion,
  • HPDA (high-performance data analysis) fusion

Huawei Beiming computing architecture

In terms of benefits, it helps the developers in achieving minimalist development of distributed applications with an efficient deployment. Besides, it integrated Danube Unified Scheduler, Yuanrong Distributed Parallel Development Framework, and Shengsi Scientific Computing Suite for stack efficiency enhancement.

To be mentioned, the Danube Unified Schedule identifies the suitable application and resources for diverse computing power clusters. Furthermore, Yuanrong is a distributed parallel development framework of the company that catalyst the diverse computing power.

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