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Huawei launches Hertz platform antennas for enhanced 5G user experience



huawei 5g

On September 26th, Huawei attended the 2021 Global Antenna Technology and Industry Forum and launched the Hertz platform antennas. It’s a series of antennas that integrates a manifold of advanced technologies array architecture, and energy efficiency, etc.

This arrangement will help the operators in the current 5G deployment and increasing the Sub3G spectrum to NR. At present, NR multi-antenna is one of the key points in the 5G experience.

Moving ahead, FDD IF to 8T8R spectrum is the most important one. It’s the main key for formulating a fundamental capacity band and realizing a universal 5G cross-generation experience.

Besides, Huawei Hertz platform series antennas have advantages of enhanced multi-array technology, extremely integrated architecture, full-band SDIF, and other innovations. It helps the network operators in achieving minimal and efficient deployment of the Sub3G frequency band.

Huawei Hertz platform antennas

Let’s check the three major characteristics of Huawei Hertz platform antennas and explore them-

Higher MIMO Performance: Increased Network Capacity

This new Hertz solution uses the Ultra-resolution beam technology for releasing eminent accuracy in beamforming and beam pointing. Therefore, it enhances the MIMO performance with an increased capacity of 15% in FDD 8T8R applications.

Sub3G Single-Sky Minimal Deployment: Powerful Configuration Capabilities

The Hertz platform is designed in an 8-array Side by Side architecture integrating powerful configuration and derivative capabilities. Therefore, it enables a 4T4R low and intermediate frequency realization. In addition, it also achieves intermediate-frequency 8T8R single-sky deployment.

Simultaneously, it advances array management with the advantage of decoupling technology is able to reduce the size by 30%. It follows the concept of keeping a reduced size meanwhile increasing site acquisition and site transportation.

 Extreme Efficiency and High Performance:

The advanced SDIF technology in all frequency bands helps in decreasing feed loss and boosting the efficiency by 10 – 15%. Besides, this same arrangement improves the coverage quality.

About Global Antenna Technology and Industry Forum:

Initiated in 2012, it is one of the latest communication platforms in the antenna industry. Over 200 participants including operators and third-party industry organizations across the world participate in the forum each year.

It’s the 10th year of this forum to continuously improves the knowledge and address various problems in the antenna industry. Technological innovation, site deployment, energy conservation, and efficiency are some of the main topics raises at this conference.

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