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Huawei BladeAAU won the Best Mobile network Infrastructure Award at 2021 Global Mobile (GLOMO)



On 30th June, Huawei’s BladeAAU series products awarded ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’ at the 2021 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards by Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA).

Huawei always brings the products with unprecedented development and target to provides a next-level user experience. In the era of 5G, Huawei is contributing to establishing strong and reliable mobile networks on a global scale.

To be mentioned, BladeAAU products were the first-ever devices integrated with Massive MIMO AAU and passive multi-band antennas when comes in 2019. The company released that to solve the problem of network operators with small spaces.

BladeAAU product comes with Huawei’s SingleRAN technology, Massive MIMO technology. The chief marketing officer of Huawei’s wireless product line, Gan Bin received this award on the behalf of the company.

“Thank you GSMA for giving Huawei this major award. Huawei BladeAAU’s breakthrough solution integrates M-MIMO AAU and full-band passive antennas in the most compact way

It greatly simplifyed the site, reducing TTM and TCO, making it unique in the industry Deploy solutions on a large scale”, says wireless product chief

Evolution of BladeAAU series:

  • Huawei introduced the BladeAAU series in 2019 that provides supports for  all frequency bands of Sub6G with the tiniest mass
  •  In 2020, the BladeAAU Pro has debuted with the first-ever 64-channel active and passive antenna fusion product to support 320W energy supply

At present, the BladeAAU series’s products are dominating the market including China, Switzerland, France, Finland, Ireland, and other countries.

The Global Mobile Awards:

The Global Mobile Awards is popular know as GLOMO and encouraging mobile manufacturers to set new milestones since 1996. This platform is founded by the GSMA which is an authoritative organization and holds the highest honor in the mobile communications industry.

The GLOMO Awards are also known as the Oscar of the mobile industry and decided by the trustworthy regularity. It offers nominations such as mobile technology, connected consumption, unknown industries, Tech4Good, etc.

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