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Huawei Launched Massive MIMO MetaAAU with 30% reduced energy consumption



Huawei MetaAAU

Huawei launched its Massive MIMO MetaAAu product at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition on 27th September. The Huawei Wireless Product Line President, Yang Chaobin informed that this product has a 30% of reduced energy consumption.

According to President Yang, MetaAAU has an ultra-large-scale antenna array technology, meticulous algorithm, thorough construction, software, and hardware integration innovation. It helps in realizing performance and energy-saving renovations.

Huawei MetaAAU Description:

The MetaAAU has a larger AAU antenna array that nearly doubles its size. Furthermore, it has a closer channel beam and larger coverage distance with an increased transmit capacity. Its new architecture and energy-saving algorithm helping the operators in building a green 5G network.

In addition, this MetaAAU follows the AHR Turbo beamforming algorithm that explicitly points traffic channel beam. Moreover, its high-resolution arrangement devices a quick and strong pairing cell capacity for the users.

Huawei 5G

Massive MIMO MetaAAU Test Results:

This Chinese tech firm also conducted the field on this MetaAAu like its other products to find out its strong points and test its standards. The test results show that Huawei’s Massive MIMO MetaAAU has the following results.

  • A total of 30% increased uplink coverage of Cell
  • Downlink coverage has improved by 30%
  • Average edge users experience  increased by 25%
  • Energy consumption reduced by about 30%

Moreover, the Huawei President believes that large mid-band bandwidth and Massive MIMO technology have stronger results when combined. It can effectively increase cell capacity, cope with traffic growth, and reduce network bit costs. At last, he stated

“Huawei will never stop its pace of innovation. It will continue to innovate and consolidate the continuous coverage of the wide-pipe basic network

At the same time, facing the future 5.5G, it will continue to evolve in terms of large uplinks, large connections, and precise positioning to improve the network ability to contribute to China’s continued leadership in 5G”

-Said Huawei Wireless Product Line President, Yang Chaobin

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