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Huawei aims 100 million HarmonyOS FTTR installations by the next five years



Huawei Yu Chengdong high-tech talents

Huawei has recently concluded the “FTTR room full of light Forum and F5G Huawei Stars new conference”. At the conference, the company officially released the HarmonyOS Connect FTTR (Fiber to the Room) solutions.

Zhou Jun who is the Optical Access Product Line President at Huawei, address the forum and shares related plans. He informed the company has initiated the FTTR solution in September last year which is now satisfying the new demand in the digital industry.

To date, it has more than 100,000 users, which are marketed in just one year. Furthermore, Huawei also plans to launch the HarmonyOS FTTR solutions integrating main three characteristics mentioned below-

  1. New Panel Style Products: Some scenarios such as hardcover houses and tooling will be covered. The new solution will be smaller in size, higher in performance, will have environmentally friendly attributes, and have energy-saving algorithms.
  2. HarmonyOS Connect Capabilities: It’ll enhance users’ experience and enable them to access prompt executions like one-touch Internet access, one-key management, one-room travel, and one-second acceleration.
  3. Additional Supports: Capacities such as NCF support, smart apps, parental control, minute-level intelligent troubleshooting realization, and intelligent visualization of topology and experience.


Furthermore, the company also shares the construction timeline focusing on two aspects. As per the info, it aims to construct 10 million digital stations in 2023 meanwhile 100 million FTTR will be developed by the next five years.

In addition, this business plan has been launched to support other firms that include small, medium, and micro-businesses. Moreover, the company wants to stimulate the implementation of FTTR to delivers the utmost benefits.

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