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New Huawei smart car solutions may help automakers to excel in China: Report



Huawei smart car solutions China

Huawei has recently unveiled an all-new software brand ‘Qiankun’ along with 10 advanced smart car solutions for its automakers in China. These new products will likely help the automobile companies to excel in the Chinese electric vehicle market.

Even though Huawei doesn’t build cars, it took only four years for the tech giant to become a significant member of the automobile franchise in the home ground.

The company not only managed its smartphone business amid U.S. trade challenges but also continued to invest in new smart car solutions. Some of these have appeared recently in front of consumers at the 2024 Beijing Automotive Show event.

Qiankun – the latest smart driving solution has been in the spotlight at the automobile conference. At least 7 Chinese automakers launched their smart cars equipped with Qiankun solutions, especially the ADS 3.0 for an efficient user experience.

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Huawei smart car solutions China

Huawei smart car solutions (Image Credits: Huawei)

Companies like Volkswagen from Germany said to use these solutions as well as became the first foreign automaker to sign a deal with Huawei. Next is Nissan on this list, who visited the Huawei booth at the event and explored new solutions.

The Chairman of SERES – Zhang Xinghai says:

“We have grown side-by-side with Huawei for three years and our achievements are obvious to all. We will continue to work side-by-side for the next three years and even more.”

Huawei entry into the auto market as a smart car solutions supplier has raised the competition level for automakers in China. The general manager of GAC – Feng Xingya cited that Huawei is currently leading in the smart car solutions category.

“We chose them because we must make sure GAC products are equipped with the most advanced technologies for consumers.” – said Feng.

(Source – Reuters)

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