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New Huawei patent fixes some known issues on flexible screens and foldable devices



According to the latest information from the Chinese intellectual property database, Huawei released a new patent on the 29th of June 2021, which is related to flexible screens and foldable devices.

The patent document shows that the company applied for this new idea on 27th December 2019. It contains the publication numbers CN113053238A.

We can observe from the patent description that it contains a foldable device with a flexible screen. The patent also describes a method to solve the ordinary folding effect of the flexible cover on the electronic device.

If we talk about the specifications and procedure it adopted, we can describe it in the following terms-

Device arrangement:

  • The methods include a flexible display panel and a supporting disk
  • The display panel has a back cover and front screen to showcase images
  • The supporting disk placed on the back of the device to provide support

Supporting Disk:

The supporting disk consists of mainly seven modules that are sequentially organized in the first direction. The direction is identical to the surface of the shielding plate. The supporting disk unit includes-

  1. Primary and secondary fixing module
  2. Three bending modules- first, main, second
  3. Two Connecting units- First and sceond

The main bending unit folds with the flexible screen in the folding state. Meanwhile, the rest two bending units folded n opposite directions for effective control. Therefore the flexible screening of this representation can provide efficient control folding effect in the folded state.

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