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Huawei Virtual Keyboard Control software patent approved, used in multi-screen collaboration feature



On June 2, Huawei has qualified software copyright for Huawei device virtual (on-screen) keyboard control software with registration number 2021SR0823067 and version number V1.0 in China.

In May 2021, Huawei patent for a touch panel module and device equipment with the publication number CN213122750U in China. This patent technical control board module can be simplified to the main control board module structure while enhancing the user’s experience of vibration feedback.

This keyboard is used to help users on the big screen while using the multi-screen collaboration feature and controlling a smartphone’s input keys on the connected device.

HarmonyOS 2: 

Earlier this month, Huawei has debuted the brand new operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0 for consumers. Its distributed capabilities and features allow users to combine different devices to form Super Devices.

Users can manage multiple device connections with just a tap of the Super Device button and transfer audio and video playback from your device to other devices.

Also, it allows fast transfer of files on cross-device platforms without requiring a data cable. The ease in file-sharing feature is provided by Huawei Share, which provides faster and secure file sharing between Huawei smartphones, computers, and tablets.

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