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Huawei’s smart cars control method to provide comfortable driving experience: Patent



Huawei HiCare

Today, Huawei has published a new patent entitled “Smart car control method, device, and control system” with announcement number CN113044037A. According to the information, this patent is related to the field of smart cars and initially filed on December 28, 2019, in China.

The patent documents reveal the aim of Huawei behind this innovation and to provide a highly comfortable and improved smart car driving experience.

New Control Method for smart cars:

  • The smart car control system gets the current driving mode, driving style model, and a target speed of the smart car.
  • Afterward, it determines the speed control according to the driving mode and driving style model.
  • The execution system of the smart car sends speed control instructions to the smart car control method to provide a comfortable and good experience.

Huawei denies building to cars: Reason

Previously, Huawei several times denied not to build or invest in an automobile company but it wants to become a leading technology supplier, which can help the automobile companies to make good through ICT technology.

Recently, Huawei has given us the reasons for not making car and investments in a car company mentioned below:


Huawei ICT business has enormous business affairs in European markets. Among them, Germany is the main region with immense automobile production business.

If the Chinese tech giant began manufacturing its own car brand then the company has to undeviatingly fight with local car companies and it’ll harm the business relations.


A car is very complex compared to making a consumer product such as a smartphone. It needs huge investments, skilled workers, and other technologies that are different from the procedure of mobile manufacturing.

(Via – ithome)

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