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Huawei fingerprint anti-counterfeiting technology could reduce fake fingerprint attacks



On December 17, 2019, Huawei applied for a patent entitled “a finger anti-counterfeiting method and device” in China. According to the information, this patent was published on June 18 with announcement number CN112989888A.

The aim of Huawei behind filing this patent was to improve the protection capability of the device from fake or duplicate fingerprint attacks.

As of now, the biometric or fingerprint print device lock was the most used and secure one because pin and pattern locks can be easily cracked and harm the user’s private data. So, Huawei added a new method to stay more protected.

According to the patent document, the fingerprint anti-counterfeiting method includes the following steps:

An electronic device detects the user’s fingerprint and then the fingerprint image generated by fingerprint input action and vibration both are recorded. Afterward, the device determines whether fingerprint image and vibratory signal are the fingerprints matched to real fingerprints or not.

The fingerprint security model is a multi-dimensional network model and helps to improve the ability of electronic devices to protect against fake fingerprints.

To be mentioned, Huawei also previously patented for fingerprint recovery method, an under-screen fingerprint sensor that extends the service life of the fingerprint prompt area.

(Via – ithome)

Huawei published a new patent for fingerprint recovery technology and its use case method

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