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Huawei smart car solution will bring autonomous driving by 2030: ICT President



Huawei 2030 smart car solution

At the Autonomous Driving Network China Industry Summit, Huawei ICT Business Unit Director Wang Tao delivered a keynote speech about Huawei’s smart car solution planning for 2030. He also shares the company’s view about current problems in the automotive industry.

Going with his speech, he mentioned, the Chinese tech giant is flourishing its autonomous technology for the future scenario. Seeing the acceleration and trend for autopiloting, the vehicle industry will soon realize the development and integration of-

  • Full-stack AI Empowerment
  • Intent Connected Interface
  • Single-domain Autonomous Closed Loop
  • Cross-Platform Seamless Connection

In the future, integrating AI, biometrics, vehicle light, AR/VR and other technologies will enable the smart cockpit to present new features that link virtual and live scenarios. The consumers will enjoy zero waiting, contactless, and efficient services, concerning, self-assisting, optimization, and repairing methods.

Furthermore, Director Wang believes autonomous technologies are becoming popular in the industry for their three-dimensional, ultra-wide, deterministic experience, and low-carbon communication technologies. It’s has grown far above then its debuted in 2019.

Huawei 2030 smart car

In this line, Huawei also made great contributions and presently is partnered with three major smart car OEMs in China. The company holds over 200 innovative projects in three areas mainly covering five businesses.

Huawei’s contribution to Autonomous Industry:

The company has products a handy technology in smart cars covering 35 different users cases with its partners. Adding to this, it holds 36 autonomous driving network standard certificate in 7 areas that mainly includes, innovation, design, standards, and capabilities.

Talking about the company’s industrial standards, the major enterprises like TMF, CCSA, ETSI, and 3GPP including the other four is collaborating with Huawei. Alternatively, the main purpose of the collaboration is to promote standards-industry-technology-business for more enhanced products.

Huawei Smart Car

At last, ICT Director concluded by saying that after achieving autonomous driving, the industry the moving towards its standard development. However, there is a long way to go, so it’s full of challenges. Unclear generations, inconsistent evaluation, insufficient collaboration, and uneven development are blocking the way. But, it’ll gradually solve with time.

Collaboration is the easiest way to tackle all the problems in the smart car market. Besides, this Chinese firm also working on L4 level autonomous technology that’ll be achieved by 2025.

Huawei L4 Autonomous: 

According to the data, the L4 level automatic system will be able to run several weather conditions and carry out an amazing driving experience. This model seems to be more advance but we can’t deny human control for specific conditions.

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