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Huawei technology and smart car parts are two main features helping in building good cars: Smart Car Chief



Huawei Smart Car Technology

Huawei authorities often emphasize the no-car-making policy of the company. Although their smart car solutions are recognized by the domestic smart car OEMs, it doesn’t want to directly want to enter the automotive industry.

At the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, Huawei Smart Car Solution BU President Wang Jun again affirmed, “Huawei doesn’t build cars, instead helps the automakers to build good cars”. Furthermore, he also highlighted the points on which the company is confident most.

He said, two main advantages helping the company in making good cars are- Huawei insides model and part supply chain. The company has good business relations with car OMEs including BAIC, Changan, and GAC Group. The launched products have received a good response and the company has further plans for the near future.

Huawei Smart Car Component and Technology:

Aside from its system technologies, the company also provides smart car parts such as LiDAR and camera systems. Adding to this, it also has in-vehicle Kirin chips that are well synchronized with the smart car cockpit software- HarmonyOS.

Huawei Baic smart car

Company Resources: 

President Jun further informed, since the establishment of the Huawei Smart Car Business Unit the company has been continually investing to enhance, its technology and resources. To date, it has invested about 1 billion USD in the research and development of auto parts.

Moving ahead, it holds 5,000 over R&D teams and has 30 existing products in the market. Alternatively, the company is increasing its limitations and establishing more partnerships with others. The company want to integrate platform and ecology to create a vehicle operating system that mainly concerns

  • Autonomous Deriving Methods
  • Smart Car Cockpit System
  • Vehicle Control Algorithms

Besides, Huawei’s optical light technologies that are mainly integrated into AR-HUD, seatback display, smart car lights, and so on are some of the leading technologies that will not jump out from the way electricity to light in the future.  Additionally, the company wants to advance the technology that’ll work the same as the human eye or maybe more than it.

In last he said, Huawei will soon open its Suzhou innovation center by the end of this year. It aims to provide 50 million equipment support per year. Moreover, it has 300 plus industry experts that’ll jointly carry out new solutions.

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