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Huawei publishes the Smart World 2030 report



Huawei Smart World Report

On 22nd September, Huawei President of ICT Products and Solutions, Wang Tao shares the “Smart World 2030 report“. At the forum, he gave a deliverance on qualitative methods with the title “Exploring Unbounded, Turning to the Future”.

This report contains a briefing about the medical health, communication network, ICT industry, calculation, digital energy, and smart car solution technology and scenarios in the next decade. Other than Huawei deputies, many guests gave keynotes. It mainly includes-

  • Steven Johnson: Famous Economist and Futurist
  • Chen Qingquan: Founding Chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association
  • Wu Hequan: Director of Standardization Expert committee China
  • Gao Wen: Director of Pencheng Laboratory
  • Dai Pu: Roland Berger Global Management Committee Co-President
  • Wang Zhiqin: China Information and Communication Research

Huawei Smart World Report

This report is the outcome of three years analysis of Huawei. The company has been conducting in-depth discussions based on the data from the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization.

Overs 1,000 scholars have participated in this discussion after attending about 2,000 seminars. This report combines the experience of industry experts and puts it in one place. Let’s look at the different aspects one by one.

Smart World 2030: 

Huawei integrates an eight-dimensional outlook for the 2030 scenario bases on everyday life. From nutrition to the residence, it provides diverse perspectives for achieving a more intelligent and comfortable lifestyle. The points can be defined in the following terms-

  • Sheltering: Zero-carbon buildings will be common in the next decade. The advanced IoT operating system will realize self-adaptation creating a convenient environment.
  • Transportation: By 2030, smart car solutions such as energy vehicles and autonomous driving will provide us an exclusive driving experience.
  • Medical: The analyzed data shows, with the continued technology evolution we’ll achieve active prevention of diseases from “curing pre-existing diseases” to “preventing diseases”.
  • Nourishment: New technologies won’t cause environmental changes. By the time, will be applied on a large scale, and green diets will be inclusive; through 3D printing technology, artificial meat that meets personal health needs.
  • Everyday Life: 2030 will open infinite opportunities for daily medical care, food, housing, and transportation for us.

The Smart World 2030 Forum is the first for Huawei to orderly share cutting-edge research and future insights for the next ten years. It’ll bring significant value to the development of human society, especially the global digital transformation process and the development of the digital economy.

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