Huawei patents new smartwatch design that is similar to Band B6

On May 22, 2020, Huawei has applied for the new watch patent design, which was passed on January 29 with the publication number CN306301963S in China.

According to the patent document, the purpose of this patent design is mainly used for timing, step counting, physical data measurement, and communication. The patent renders give a detailed view of this watch.

Render disclose that the watch body adopts an arc design and the dial comes with an arch shape flexible screen. The bottom side of the watch equipped with a sensor component with a small degree of protrusion, but there is no charging electrode. The front appearance of the watch is narrow, with a button on right and two buttons on the bottom.

Following the patent design, this watch is similar to the existing Huawei Band B6 and the screen is narrower than Huawei Watch Fit. This product also brings a detachable design, which can be turned into a Bluetooth headset.







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