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Huawei P40 and iPhone 11 devices prices increases slightly in Second Hand Smartphone Market Q1 2021 in China



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Today, a data report coming from China, shown us the results for second-hand used smartphones and published by the Zhuanzhuan Group. This data analysis was based on smartphones sold in Q1 of 2021 in the Chinese market.

According to the report, this quarter was mainly dominated by the release of the 5G smartphone, Xiaomi OV also played a major role, and the second-hand market of iPhone 11 as well as Huawei’s some phones including P40 (5G) price slightly increased.

The researcher from the data analysis department of Zhuan Group added that the continuous growth of 5G mobile phone shipments will enhance the demand for further replacements. It will drive the rapid growth of the recycling business of used phones in the second-hand market.

Additionally, Huawei and its subsidiary Honor’s separation brought a huge impact on the market as well as it is expected that Xiaomi OV will gain more market shares in the near future. Also, due to the increase in new smartphone shipments in the market, the price of second-hand devices getting down day by day.

As per the latest report, in the first quarter on average un every two days, a new smartphone was released and every 6th-day phone launch events were organized.

According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the total number of new models on the market from January to February this year hit 81 units with a year-on-year increase of 58.8%. The total domestic new mobile market shipments reached 61.879 million units with a YoY increase of 127.5%.

Among them, 5G mobile phones count for half with 48 models released in total. It accounting for 59.3% of the market, and shipments accounting for 68.4%.

The report shows that due to the increase in shipments in the new phone market and the price increase of some popular models, the second-hand mobile phone market continued to increase in the transaction heat in the first quarter of this year. Among them, the market volume of the Apple iPhone increased by 19.88% month-on-month, followed by OPPO, and sales increased by 19.83% month-on-month.  Additionally, the trading volume of Vivo and Xiaomi in the second-hand market also increased by 12.94% and 10.43% respectively.

The proportion of Huawei and Honor mobile phone transactions in the second-hand market has declined. Among them, Huawei mobile phones accounted for 11.56% of transactions in the second-hand market. The ranking dropped from second place in Q4 2020 to third place, and the transaction volume decreased by 17.32% month-on-month. The second-hand market transactions of Honor mobile phones in the first quarter of this year accounted for 6.66%, the trading volume decreased by 6.77% from the previous month.

Morgan Stanley analysts pointed out that in January this year, Apple’s iPhone shipments in China are expected to increase by 150% year-on-year, and the iPhone’s performance in March and even the first quarter will remain strong.

In the second-hand market, Q1 Zhuanzhuan Group’s mobile phone market shows that Apple is still the most popular mobile phone brand. iPhone transactions accounted for 38.60% in the first quarter, and transaction volume increased by 19.88% from the previous quarter.

Q1 Zhuan Zhuan Group’s mobile phone market shows that in the second-hand market mobile phone search volume and transaction volume list, the old Apple iPhone almost dominates the list. Except for Xiaomi Mi 8 squeezed into the 9th place in the second-hand market for mobile phone searches, the rest are all old iPhone models.

Vivo became the domestic mobile phone brand with the highest transaction volume in the second-hand market in the quarter, followed by Huawei mobile phones, followed by Xiaomi, and OPPO. From the domestic mobile phone transactions in the second-hand market in the first quarter of this year, Huawei Mate30 Pro (5G) and Honor 9X, Mi 8, and OPPOA5 are also best-selling models in the second-hand market.

Moreover, Huawei Mate30 Pro (5G) won the top position in the sales of second-hand 5G mobile phones in the first quarter of this year. In addition, Xiaomi mobile phones also have a relatively stable performance in the second-hand 5G market, occupying three seats in the top 10 list.

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