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Huawei to launch 6G test satellites in July this year



The 5th generation of mobile communication networks is still exploring and stretching its limits. There is still more to know, and Huawei already taking a step further in this field.

According to a related authority of the Chinese State, Huawei and China Mobile are working together to launch two 6G test satellites. This activity will come into action somewhere in July this year.

As reported by GlobalTimes, this 6G verification test will give you 5o time faster results than the existing 5G but there is not much information about the launch for the instances.

Both firms didn’t leave any comment about this upcoming launch. Meanwhile, a Huawei provision accepts that he has “not obtained such information so far”.

To be mentioned, at the 18th Global Analyst Conference, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Eric Xu announced that the company will soon release its plan for the future including the 6G network.

In addition, he also said that Huawei will release a 6G white paper in the near future. The 6G  network speed could reach 1,000 gigabytes per second, with a delay of under 100 us-microseconds, which is 50 times faster than 5G.

Returning back to the 6G satellites launch, a senior tech industry analyst of Beijing, Ma Jihua, informed that the satellite move “is natural as Huawei pushes ahead its layout on 6G networks”.

If everything goes well, we will soon experience the 6G communication network in 2030, which will far better than 5G in concern of delivery rate, network traffic, connection strength, and more.


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