Question: Do you prefer EMUI 9.0/9.1 or stock Android?

I was reviewing the comments on my last article and at that time I got a question “Do you genuinely like Huawei’s EMUI OS“. I believed it would be good to ask our readers. Just for the choice, I am giving you an option to pick, EMUI or Stock Android.

Huawei has announced the latest version of its EMUI OS, the EMUI 9.1. Since its launch in 2012, the operating system keeps evolving over time with EMUI version 5.0 the company enhanced it with a new set of features. With EMUI 8.2 added new technology including GPU Turbo, and in EMUI 9 with Link Turbo. Now with EMUI 9.1, the company introduced its latest file system technology EROFS and new ARK compiler.

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Stock Android is, of course, the most vanilla Android flavor available. This is the pure, out-the-box Android experience with nothing on top. There are many smartphone users strongly support the use of as-stock-as-possible Android. it’s a major factor for them when choosing between phones. It allows users to customize their content. Stock Android certainly has a relatively small file size that leaves more storage for the user, speedy updates, and clean material design.

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But, if you using Huawei’s EMUI OS you might find Stock Android a little boring. EMUI introduces some handy features. A lot of background optimization is carried out by the AI, which frees up RAM and boosts durability.

So, I want to know. What do you prefer – EMUI or Stock Android? What is it about EMUI OS that you like more than the other options? Let me know in the comments below!






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