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What is ‘Dual Turbo’ and ‘The NINE’ liquid cooling technology? – explained



Last month Huawei’s subsidiary ‘Honor’ launched a gaming phone ‘Honor Play’ and alongside that phone, the company also unveiled a new technology called ‘GPU Turbo‘. In addition to ‘GPU Turbo‘, Today Honor unveiled Note 10 geared with two new technologies. What are these two new technologies? and how they work? let’s explore them below.

Before the official unveiling of Note 10, the company has overhyped the device’s upcoming features and technologies which is a result of its 2 year’s hiatus on the Note-series.

These two new technology includes ‘Dual Turbo’ combination of GPU Turbo + CPU Turbo and a liquid cooling tech called ‘The NINE’.

Dual Turbo (GPU Turbo+CPU Turbo):

is a combined work of GPU+CPU process, as for the current recipient of these two technology Honor Note 10 feature a Physical ‘Turbo Button’ that could be found on the lower right corner of the phone, instantiates the process of both techs in working.

Apart from GPU Turbo GPU Turbo improves the graphics processing efficiency of smartphones by 60%, and the power consumption has also been reduced by 30%. This time added CPU Turbo, forming a dual Turbo configuration, used for games, photos, information display and more. For gamers, CPU Turbo is not only an added feature but it is more than that.

While playing any game, with a single click of the ‘Turbo Button’ users can turn on the CPU Turbo acceleration, the background intelligently cleans up the redundant process and stimulates the CPU’s limit performance.

Thanks to THE NINE liquid cooling technology, the CPU can run stably at high frequencies, even in the face of a large number of calculations and re-modeling tasks caused by game screen switching, the system can now be handled more easily and games could perform much smoother and faster.

Thanks to the deep cooperation between Huawei and Games manufacturers, the hardware is loaded with AI (NPU) that can intelligently optimize games and adjust CPU and GPU load according to games requirements which is absolutely amazing.

While on ‘Turbo Mode’ you can turn on the game depth non-disturbing function, you can block the call and ensure that the game is not disturbed. Even if you play games under the full screen, you can easily take screenshots, record screens providing an excellent device experience.

Dual Turbo provides a consistently high frame rate gaming experience, clear and stable images, and a network acceleration engine, which is smooth and unbroken.

‘The Nine’ Liquid Cooling:

Honor Note 10 uses a PC-level liquid cooling system while playing games, which prevents the drop in mobile GPU-acceleration and grows the performance rate of the mobile phone.

The cooling system is 7.65mm thick and uses the same D5 liquid cooling tube as the MacBook Air liquid cooling tube diameter (5mm), length 113mm with the heat dissipation power of 5W.

This tube uses 9-layer stereo cooling that provides heat dissipation efficiency increased by 41%, and the maximum temperature of the CPU can be reduced by 10°C. The CPU turbo (Dual Turbo) also depends on the NINE liquid cooling technology to achieve the balance of high performance and device’s temperature maintenance. Thanks to ‘THE NINE’ technology, the CPU can stably run at high frequencies, making the performance even better.

These two technologies could be extremely helpful to improve the overall performance of the device and could also be added in upcoming Huawei and Honor smartphones just like GPU Turbo update and other hardware enhancements.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.