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Huawei with 1.1 trillion yuan (154 billion USD) value ranks 1st in China’s top 100 consumer private enterprise




Recently, a well-known research media and investments business organization- Hurun published the ranking report of the wealthiest enterprises of China, named “2021 Shuyun·Hurun Top 100 Consumer Private Enterprises in China”.

According to the data report, Huawei is the top private commercial industry covering most of the consumers with a total market value of 1.1 trillion yuan in the mainland market.

The leading supplier of smart home appliances- Midea group, ranked second with a market value of 580 billion yuan, Haitian international ranked third with a value of 500 billion yuan, and BYD (Build your Dreams) group is on fourth place with a value of 490 billion yuan.

In this line, the smartphone manufacturer,
Xiaomi (Millet) ranked fifth with 460 billion yuan, followed by the Weilai, Nongfu Spring, Gree, Great Wall, and Anta sports are among the top ten private enterprises of China.

Following the ranking of this list, it is observed that the top three enterprises including the communication device maker- Huawei, automobile and smart home machinery manufacturer- Midea, and the plastic molding company Haitian, cover more than 50% of the total market value. It shows that the market demand and the quality product of the company.

Huawei has emerged as the rising name in the field of IT and the telecom industry. The company has many achievements to date and this is one of them. On this matter, Hurun Chairman and Chief Research Officer commented:

“Huawei is most famous for its 5G technology, but most of its sales revenue comes from the large consumer sector. It is one of the most successful Chinese companies in transformation. Recently, sales have declined due to chip shortages, but it is still the most successful private enterprise in China’s large consumer sector.”

Apart from this, Huawei is going to organize its annual Huawei Developer Conference (HDC Cloud) 2021 on April 24 in Shenzhen, China. This 3-day conference will provide a way for developers across the globe to exchange their ideas and discuss the future developments in the field of Cloud and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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