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Huawei settles matter with OPPO, withdraws European patent opposition



Huawei and OPPO

Recent information shows that Huawei has withdrawn all five opposition applications from European Patent Office that filled against OPPO. However, both company hasn’t commented on this matter yet.

As per the report, OPPO has accelerated its activity and collaborating with more partners in order to deal with Nokia. In this line, the company has joined hands with Japanese telecom DOCOMO, China-based ZTE, and global licensing firm Sisvel.

Furthermore, the reports point out that OPPO has purchased the patents with ZTE that have some conflict with Nokia. On the other hand, this Finland-based company is also a rival of Huawei. It seems that Huawei and OPPO turned friends to jointly fight against Nokia.

Huawei OPPO European patents

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This must be a reason that this Chines smartphone marker has removed its counterclaim from the overseas Patent Office. If we individually talk about Huawei’s opposition claims, the company has filled opposition requests on:

  • 17th June 2020
  • 14th July 2020
  • 4th September 2020
  • 23rd December 2020

What is an Opposition Request:

Patent opposition is referred to reviewing the authorized general patents and even make them invalid if breaching any standard. European Patent Office is mainly responsible for handling opposition requests.

What Could Be the Reason Behind Huawei’s Action:

According to statics, Huawei and OPPO have a large number of patents in Europe. More precisely, OPPO always stands after Huawei in terms of intellectual property strength among Chinese firms. If both the companies continue to object to each others’ patents, it’ll only bring harm to them.

Furthermore, observing the complications in the global market, it’s best for them to work together in a win-win situation. Now, when Huawei has retracted its opposition to the OPPO patent, it does not only strengthen them in the internal market, but they can jointly achieve more benefits in the global market.

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