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Huawei leads 6G patent competition, overall 38000 filed globally



Huawei 6G

After achieving 5G, the preparations are set on the next network generation, that is 6G. The Huawei experts forecasted to bring 6G by 2030. Meanwhile, points out its complications and indicates that it’ll be depending on potential use cases require to support this technology.

China is leading the worldwide 5G technology and constructed over 993 5G base stations around the world. The report clarifies that the country has more than two-thirds of 5G bases in the world. Now, when the industry is openly started to talk about 6G, the tech giants are striving for the throne.

Speaking of China, Huawei took the lead in the 6G patent race, defeating other giants including ZTE, OPPO, Vivo. In particular, 38,000 patents have been filled globally, among them China owns about 35%, solely accounting for 15,800 patents. It made the country stands first in the world and Huawei 6G patent is more than anyone.

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Huawei and 6G Progress:

Since 2017, Huawei is investing and 6G research and currently working to define the terms of this technology. As per the reports, the company’s rotating chairman said to bring 6G around 2030 with 50 times faster speed than the current network.

Huawei 6G

Furthermore, Huawei plans to have an open talk about 6G with the other industrial expert to derive its possible definitions. Besides, it’ll release a 6G white paper soon describing the basic terms and requirements of the network.  The company believes that 6G will be based on 5G and what we have learned from it.

The higher development will be in 5G, the nearer we reach to the next communication generation. To be more precise, 6G should be more focused on solving practical problems instead of replacing application requirements correspondent to technological trends. Therefore, apart from 6G research, this Chines tech also promoting the 5G in the industry.

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