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Package-level systems are backbone of High performance computing and networking: Huawei



Huawei Yu Chengdong high-tech talents

On 15th September, Huawei took part in the 2021 ICEPT, which is the 22nd conference on the package-level system and related technology. Tonglong Zhang who is a senior engineer of research and development depart at Huawei Shenzhen represents the company.

During the keynote speech, the Huawei engineer mentioned, package-level systems are the future-oriented development technologies. The HPC (high-performance computing) and network switching systems are in need of well-structured system packaging.

Often referred to as a multi-chip module, package-level systems are the building blocks of an IC (integrated circuit) chip. Advance technology in this field will provide faster computing speed, reduce device design, and inexpensive cost. However, it’s not a trend at present in the industry. Only some limited chipmakers use this technology.

Huawei Package-level systems

(Image: Package-level systems presentation by Huawei)

Furthermore, Tonglong Zhang points out, there are three main problems in the development trends of HPC chips. They are blocking the developers from and putting challenges related to reliability, heat dissipation, power integrity (PI), and signal integrity (SI). Moreover, the current problem includes-

  • High data throughput for AI applications that brings higher interconnect density requirements
  • More chips are integrated into the package to improve computing power and bring super-large size Packaging requirements
  • Optical data transmission between IC packages

Using ultra-large-size packaging and ultra-wideband dual-mode interconnection with higher interconnection density, higher data bandwidth, shorter interconnection distance, and lower interconnection distance can solve the problems at some level. For instance, InFO-SoW and ISSCC 2021 developed by TSMC and NVIDIA respectively contain super-large packages.

About ICEPT:

ICEPT is the abbreviation for the International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology. More than 500 experts from 20 countries took part in this conference each year.¬†This conference is hosted by China’s top academy that includes

  1. IMECAS- Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  2. IEEE-EPS- Electronics Packaging Society
  3. CIE-EMPT- Electronic Manufacturing & Packaging Technology Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics
  4. Beijing IEEE- Beijing Electronics Packaging Society
  5. Beijing Faith Consulting Co., Ltd

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