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Huawei is major supplier of China Mobile, ZTE, Alibaba, Tencent also in the list




On 18th August, China Mobile issued a prospectus document, disclosing details of the company’s top customers and suppliers for the past three years. The list includes industry-leading names- Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba, and Tencent with a stale business relation with China Mobile.

At present, the company’s main business purchase amount of the top five suppliers is about 86.2 billion for the first half of 2021, while the total business ratio is 33%. The top suppliers are:

Supplier List:

  • Huawei Technologies
  • China Telecom Group
  • China United Network Communications
  • China Tower
  • ZTE Corporation

The business process involves inter-network settlement, and circuit and network element machine trade with China Telecom Group and China United Network Communications playing the role of both supplier and customer. Meanwhile, Huawei and ZTE are reported to perform a key role in the construction of the China Mobile network web.

Huawei China Mobile Suppiler list

Customer List:

Moving ahead, this prospectus also listed the top customers’ sales revenue showing a total sale of 13.7 billion Yuan and a corresponding annual ratio of 3.47% for the first half of this year. The customer list includes

  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • China Telecom
  • China Construction Bank
  • China Unicom
  • Agricultural Bank of China

The report states that the top five customers’ sales revenue accounted for a relatively low proportion of the current main business revenue, which needed more work to improve the performance. The list also includes two state-own banks as the customer.

Huawei China Mobile Customer list

Huawei and China Mobile White Paper Launch:

Huawei and China Mobile are working for a long time and jointly have various accomplishments. Early in August, both firms released the 5G white paper in Beijing describing a complete architecture and 5G development map in the industry. This description defines three perspectives in which the 5G need to grow-

  • Intelligence
  • Integration
  • Enablement

(Source- Ithome)

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Android turns purple from green




android purple

Android turned its social media accounts into purple color, rooming out from its traditional green. But why? Why does Google decide to switch from green to purple?

On August 10, Samsung launched its latest foldable devices on August 10, packed with the latest Android 12L. As a large screen device, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 promotes some new unique features derived from Android 12L such as the new multitasking taskbar.

This new taskbar has an app layout similar to a computer and allows you to access the recent apps in an instant to make multitasking an instant. It also supports gestures and could turn an app to full screen or shrink a full screen with ease.

With this launch, Samsung enabled purple as its default color instead of black and DPs to purple.


What happened:

Since Samsung has been so far the biggest promoter of Android and a big player in the Android world. It’s obvious that Android will support Samsung in return for hiking up its sales volume and promoting its products.

In support, Android has changed covers and logos on Twitter and Facebook and also posted the following statement onboard.

android purple

“Android is goin’ Purple today. Shoutout to Samsung – big things coming. #SamsungUnpacked”

What does it show?

In the past few years, Samsung’s uprising has brought this Korean phone maker closer to Android and its integration for Google Mobile Services as well as new features have been dropped first in Samsung devices.

Hence, it has been so far, the first case user of the latest features powered by the Android ecosystem. On the b-side, Google also purchases new technologies through Samsung such as chipsets and display panels for pixel devices.

Is it temporary?

Yes, it’s temporary, Android will turn green as the day passes or when Google decided to wear back the traditional green.


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Huawei MatePad Paper HarmonyOS update optimizes display effect



Huawei MatePad Paper optimization update

Huawei’s first e-ink paper tablet – the Huawei MatePad Paper tablet introduced to let you experience writing on paper in real aspects on it. And to give a fluent writing experience, Huawei recently released a new August 2022 HarmonyOS update for MatePad Paper, that optimizes the system software.

The latest August 2022 update for the Huawei MatePad Paper optimizes the display effect of some interfaces to improve text clarity, and also it added a virus scanning engine to enhance system security.

Although, the display optimization help to make text sharper and easier to read on screen. Update customer the text and display fount more likely to provide you an eye chatting experience.

This optimization is essential for the Huawei MatePad Paper table, as it uses no background light that directly affects to user’s eye in a dark environment. Also, the text is not show clear and visible to the users.


But thanks to the August 2022 update, its resolved all the user’s concerns and other issue related to display and fount clarity and visibility. We recommend you download and install it as soon as possible to experience new and better services.

Huawei MatePad Paper optimization update

Furthermore, the new HarmonyOS version for the Huawei MatePad Paper optimizes the user’s experience with some scenarios of notes, also it brings optimization for the default brightness of different lighting modes.

Below you can check the overall details regarding the update mentioned below:

Adapted models:

  • Huawei MatePad Paper HMW-W09


  • New version number:
    • HarmonyOS
  • Running version:
    • HarmonyOS


  • Security
    • Added virus scanning engine to enhance system security
  • Optimization
    • Optimization of the user’s experience of some scenarios of notes
    • Optimize the display effect of some interfaces and improve text clarify
    • Optimize the default brightness of different lighting modes

(Source: Huawei)

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Huawei achieves 96th position in Annual Fortune Global 500 list



Huawei Fortune Global 500 list

Huawei is one of the leading tech giants across the world. Several times, the company has flourished its name and fame on the global platform. With constant efforts and innovative techniques, Huawei has attained its place in the 2022 Fortune Global 500 list.

Recently, the business inspection cooperation – Fortune announced the 2022 Global list of companies that includes the top organizations of the world, including Huawei. The inspection firm is well-known to showcase the overall growth of companies around the globe.

Over the past few years, the pandemic has ruptured many sectors around the world. Consequently, there is a need to understand the growth of the digital economy on a global basis. Hence, Fortune has the responsibility of providing an accumulated and accurate report of sales and profits that has broken record levels in the year 2021.

Favorably, Huawei managed to secure its position among the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 list. Approx 145 Chinese companies came under the list category. Among them, the Chinese manufacturer is standing at the 96th rank.


Huawei Fortune Global 500 list

Speaking of the revenue details of Huawei, the company has slightly come down over the past year. It has fallen from 44th rank directly to 96th. Besides, the revenue has also decreased to 23.6 percent. But it does not mean that the company is playing at the loss.

A good profit of 88.2%

Alternatively, the Chinese tech maker has hyped its profit percent to 88.2. Well, that gets equal to 17.62 billion USD. Hence, we cannot say that the company has declined in any manner. Concerned with the tiny step back, Huawei knows how to tackle the obstacles on its way.

Moreover, we should not forget that the company is playing the lead role in the foldable smartphone market. Huawei is consistent regarding new upbringings in the market. And soon, the firm will be able to recover its loss with a good amount of profit.

Huawei Fortune Global 500 list


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