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Huawei publishes new tech patent for Smart Cars trajectory planning



On July 2, Huawei has published a new patent “Trajectory Planning Method, Device and Controller” in the field of smart cars with an announcement number CN113064415A.

According to the Chinese intellectual property database, this patent was applied on December 31, 2019, in China. The objective behind this innovation is to effectively detect obstacles and plan the driving trajectory of the smart car.

The patent document describes the trajectory planning method that includes:

After the controller of the smart car obtains the obstruction data from multiple sensors, it de-duplicates the obstruction data of multiple sensors sets to obtain the result of the target obstacle.

Based on final target obstacle detection results, it performs the trajectory planning of the car and combined it with the number of obstacles of multiple sensors that can comprehensively detect the obstacles around the smart car.

This method can effectively remove the complex obstacles, which can be used for rational planning of intelligence The driving trajectory of the car enhances the safety of autonomous driving.

On the other hand, Huawei has disclosed numerous patents related to smart cars such as:

(Via: Mydrivers)

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