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Huawei patent new open-window noise control system for smart cars, to manage outside sounds



Arc Fox smart car

In order to make cars fully smart, Huawei is securing its innovations in the form of patents, which helps the vehicle manufacturer to build good cars for consumers. Meanwhile, the company also opposes the rumors about making its own cars.

On December 31, 2020, Huawei has applied for one more new patent in the field of the smart car that is a car open-window noise control system and method. According to information, this patent was published on May 11 with announcement no. CN112789197A in China.

The patent application discloses a noise control system, method, and related errors after opening the window, among which a car driving comprehensive sound control system includes: Flow control device, a Microphone, and Processor.

In working, the technical error microphone is used to collect the voice signal in the target car preview and send the technical deep sound signal to the technical processor.

The processor is there to receive the technical deep sound signal based on the laughter signal and calculate airflow control numbers as well as send the airflow control signal to the airflow control device.

The ternary control device is used for the three-flow control signal to control the airflow to reduce the acoustic energy of the noise in the target car. The implementation of the embodiments of the present application can effectively reduce the noise in the car after opening the window.


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