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[Update] SAIC and Huawei cooperation in the field of smart car and autonomous driving




According to the information, SAIC has denied the report of cooperating with Huawei for the moment.

Original Story:

Recently, the Chairman of SAIC Motor, Chen Hong stated that SAIC won’t consider any corporation with third-party technology providers such as Huawei in the field of autonomous driving.

Responding to the SAIC investors in the shareholder meeting on July 1st, the president made this statement. He further explains, Huawei certainly provides overall smart car technology and holds the ability to make anyone dependent on the company.

As for SAIC, if we enter any corporation with Huawei, it will become one of the subsidiaries of the technology provider. It’s unacceptable for SAIC as we don’t want to do business under others’ shadows.

Speaking of Huawei, the company has repeatedly denied manufacturing cars and making any investment in car companies. Meanwhile, Huawei is focusing on providing high-end smart car technology and continue working on this.

We have seen the power of Huawei’s smart car technology in ArcFox Alpha S Series, SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 model, and GAC Trumpchi M6 Pro¬†smart Car. Huawei is planning to dominate the automotive industry even without entering the manufacturing market.

Furthermore, Huawei holds many patents related to automotive technologies, and own China’s one of the most powerful autopiloting car system. Adding to this, a recent report revealed, Huawei, GAC Group, and Didi are jointly working on Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

(Via- Ithome)

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