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Huawei denied rumor of launching two 6G satellites, saying it’s false news



As per the latest information, Huawei officials refused the news about launching two 6G satellites alliance with China Mobile and China Aerospace Corporation.

Prior to this, it was reported that Huawei, China Mobile, and China Aerospace will jointly launch the 6G satellites by July 2021 to take the lead in the research and development of 6G network technology.

At that time, neither of the firms made any declarations related to the 6G satellite launching, which unknowingly built the excitement in the consumers. But now, Huawei officially denied the rumors saying that all are false news.

However, at the 2021 Huawei Global Analysis Summit, Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu accepted that the company is researching on 6G since 2017 and will soon conclude the results. Furthermore, he also informed that the company is about to launch the 6G white paper, which will come around 2030 and will define the detailing of 6G

So, I am suggesting you not lose hope your hope about 6G technology as this Chines tech giant is already in progress to its way to 6G. We will soon get the outcomes of this new network technology with 50 times faster results.

It’s also noteworthy that China is the biggest holder of the 6G patents, it’s sitting on top with 35% of the overall patents among the worldwide 6G wireless communications patents. (Read Here)

(Via- Ithome)

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