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Huawei published new smart car charging technology patent to improve charging efficiency



On June 29, Huawei has released a new patent entitled “a charging control device, method, and electric vehicle” with publication number CN113056387A in China. According to the Chinese intellectual property database, this patent was applied on April 23, 2020.

Moving with time, Huawei is continuously innovating new methods and devices and securing them in the form of patents in order to become the top smart vehicle technology supplier in the automobile industry.

Previously, the Chinese tech giant has patented several new ideas in the field of electric vehicles such as wireless charging parking space recommendations, charge one electric car from another, and more.

The patent documents disclose a charging control device, method, and electric vehicle including a signal processing module and management module.

Signal processing module:

A signal processing module used to receive the first signal sent by the power supply device, the control guide. According to the first control signal, it sends a high-level signal of the target duration to the management module.

Management module:

The management module is configured to wake up the battery management system after the duration of the received electrical signal reaches the target duration.

Furthermore, with this charging control device, even if the power is turned on again after a power failure during the charging process, there is no need to re-plug the charging gun or restart the electric vehicle charging pile at the charging port.

The charging control device can pass the high level of the target duration as long as it receives any CP signal, first, we need the battery management system to continue charging.

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