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Huawei and SERES jointly designing a 7 seater SUV equipped with Huawei smart car solution



According to the latest news shared by a Weibo tipster, SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 smart car will be available in Chinese city stores by the next year. Both the company are planning to develop a more advanced Porsche version of this model.

The tipster further revealed that Huawei and SERES jointly designing a 7 seater SUV that will adopt Huawei’s full set of solutions and is expected to provide 30W plus charging output support on the dock. The latest information shows that this model has entered development from the planning stage.

Talking about the versions, it’s expected to come in two models, the base model will start from 300,000 Yuan and the high-end variant will cost more than 500,000 Yuan. In addition, the higher version is expected to come with Huawei ADS.

Previous Report:

The first shipment SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric vehicle has been deployed to the owners on May 29th, while the rest orders will be delivered soon. To de mentioned the SF5 car has above 10,000 pending orders among them 6,500 are reported to deliver by the end of this month. (Read More)

Prior to this, a report revealed that the maker shares of SERES SF5 Makers have been increased by eight times after Huawei took the initiative to sell the model. As of now, their market value has been crossed 100 million Yuan with a closing stock price of 77.2 Yuan.

SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 Smart Car:

The SF5 smart car comes with two models- Two-Wheel-Drive, which priced at 216,800 (about 34,000 USD) Yuan, and Four-Wheel-Drive, which costs 246,800 Yuan (about 38,000 USD).

It delivers a battery life of up to 180 km for daily requirements, and a long drive up to 1000 kilometers. Its specifications are as follows-

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • 405 kW with 820 torque N.m.
  •  4.68 sec/100 km acceleration
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • 11 Huawei Sound unit

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