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Huawei published new patent to optimize autonomous driving control algorithm



Recently, Huawei’s Smart Car Solutions BU President, Wang Jun gave a speech at the 13th China Automotive Blue Book Forum and shared Huawei’s ambitions in the field of autonomous driving.

Wang said the Huawei developer team is currently focusing on autonomous driving solutions and aimed to make a passenger car that’s truly driverless by 2025. However, day by day the company is also securing new innovations in the form of a patent for smart cars.

In this line, Huawei has published a new patent for “Autonomous Driving Regulation Algorithm Optimization Method and Simulation Test Device” with the announcement number CN112987711A.

According to the information, this patent related to autonomous driving was applied by Huawei on November 30, 2019, in China.

The patent document discloses a kind of autonomous driving control algorithm optimization method including:

  • Construct M test scenarios according to the scenario tag tree
  • Simulate and run the automatic driving regulation and control algorithm based on M test scenarios to obtain M simulation results
  • For each of the M test scenarios, evaluate the simulation results corresponding to the test scenario according to the evaluation algorithm corresponding to the test scenario to obtain M evaluation results
  • Obtain the mapping scenario tag tree according to M evaluation results and M test scenarios
  • The problem characteristics of the automatic driving regulation and control algorithm are determined according to the tag tree of the mapping scene, and the automatic driving regulation and control algorithm is optimized according to the problem characteristics

Moreover, this patent method improves the efficiency of analysis of a large number of simulation results. At the same time gives the problem characteristics of automatic driving regulation and control algorithms, and then optimizes automatic driving regulation and Control algorithms based on problem characteristics.

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