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Huawei shares a car roof adjustment system to reduce wind resistance and increase cabin space



On June 29, Huawei has published a new patent for a roof adjustment system, car body, and car roof in the field of smart cars with announcement number CN113043819A in China. This system helps to reduce wind resistance and increases vehicle space.

According to the information, this patent was filed by Huawei on December 27, 2019, as per China’s intellectual property database. This innovation can be applied to smart cars and combined with Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) or Advanced Driving System (ADS).

For a long time, it was seen that Huawei is continuously making a lot of efforts and research to develop new technologies for smart vehicles. However, the company has denied rumors of building its own cars.

Moreover, Huawei aims to become a top smart vehicle technology supplier in the industry, which helps the automobile companies to make good smart cars.

Also, the patent document describes that the top roof adjustment system includes the car body 210, including live top roof 211 and body itself 212. Roof 211 is connected to body 212 through the adjustment mechanism 220.

The position of roof 211 relative to body 212 is controlled by the adjustment mechanism 220 to adjust the windward area of the car, so that the car is suitable for more field lengths, and the user experience is improved.

Once the front part of the car is minimized, it will become beneficial to reduce the wind resistance during the driving of the vehicle, and when the front area is large, it is beneficial to increase the vehicle cabin space.

(Via – ithome)

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