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Huawei patents technology to charge one electric car from another



As we’re moving forward with technology, more and more customers are purchasing new electric vehicles, which helps to reduce pollution and keep the environment clean.

But every electric vehicle needs to recharge its battery so it can provide the ride that the user wants. As recently, Huawei applied for charger technology that allows car users to share battery capacity with each other.

According to the information, Huawei patent with application number CN107867186B named “Electric Vehicles and Methods of Charging Between Electric Vehicles”. The patent was filed in September 2016 and published on February 23, 2021.

The patent details the embodiments of the present invention that provide an electric vehicle and a charging method between electric vehicles. The electric vehicle includes a battery pack, a DC socket, and a controller.

During the process of connecting the DC socket and the AC socket of another electric car through a charging and discharging cable, the battery pack is controlled to be another electric car according to the charging request of another electric car Charging can realize the charging between electric vehicles more conveniently.

Currently, there’s no information about the production of this technology but we’ll keep you posted.

(Via – ithome)

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