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New Huawei smart car patent shows automatic parking technology with easy touch control screen



Huawei is day by day innovating new methods and technologies in the field of the smart car in order to become a champion and major smart technologies supplier to the car manufacturers industry.

On November 11, 2019, Huawei has applied a new patent for an automatic parking interactive method in the field of smart vehicles, which was passed on May 21, 2021, with publication number CN112824183A in China.

According to the patent application, the automatic parking interactive process includes a virtual top view of the parking lot on a central control screen, and the user can then use touch operations to move their vehicle to any virtual parking lot.

After receiving a parking command and the instructions are confirmed, the vehicle will perform an automatic parking operation.

Detecting that a touch operation on the parking interactive interface makes the vehicle icon parked and moving in the car interactive interface to obtain the position of the vehicle icon after moving in the parking interface.

According to the position of the vehicle icon after moving, the vehicle icon is attached to the target parking space, so that the vehicle icon and the target parking space match and generate the parking should be cold so that the automatic parking system controls the vehicle to be parked to enter the actual parking space indicated by the intended parking space at the target point.

Moreover, this automated parking function requires multiple surround-view cameras and sensors. The parking system can be divided into parking space adjustment modules, top view stitching modules, perception modules, and path planning modules.

Also, the focus of this patent is to improve the intelligent interaction experience of automatic parking systems, making it easier for users to enjoy new functions.


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