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Unlock smartphone with lips movement, Huawei has such technology plan



According to the latest information, Huawei published a new patent for smartphone unlocking, entitled “equipment unlocking method and device” on the 29th of June 2021. This patent shows the continued upgrade in smartphone locking and unlocking system.

This patent with the publication number CN113051535A has been filled on the 26th of December 2019 in China. Although Huawei’s business in the smartphone market isn’t doing well but the company is advancing its technology and polishing the methods related to mobile devices.

We can observe from the patent that it’ll use biological traits of lip movement to determine the identity of the individual. Furthermore, it also characterized adaptability, anti-forgetting features, uniqueness, and variability for more support.

Talking about the unlocking method, it consists of a scanning unit and an identifying unit. The procedure that follows by this method can be described in the following terms-

  • The scanning module captures the user’s lip transition picture
  • Then it scans the first lip movement from the storage, where the first lip movement store and matches the similarity
  • After the scanning, it matches the degree between the first and second lip movements
  • Afterward, it determines whether  to unlock the device

It’s noteworthy that the device pre-stored the lip moments like the fingerprints to determine the authentication of the individual.

Current lock screens:

Current smartphones come with a number of different user identity and data protection features including:

  • Biometric scanner
  • Pin Unlock
  • Pattern
  • Face Unlock

If developed, such Lips Movement Unlock technology will definitely make a buzz among consumers yet there’s no confirmation available on this matter at the moment.

(Source- Mydrivers)

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