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Huawei PC Manager gets HarmonyOS support and a new UI design



Last week, Huawei officially introduced the HarmonyOS 2 and started to upgrade the Huawei smartphones on the HarmonyOS stable built. It also announces the HarmonyOS upgrader plan, device, and scheduled time for Huawei and Honor devices.

Soon after the launch, Huawei released a list of 23 Huawei smartphones and tablets that are eligible to register for HarmonyOS 2 closed beta activity in the first batch. Furthermore, many other third-party applications are adopting the HarmonyOS platform.

In this line, Huawei PC Manager also conformed to the HarmonyOS platform and upgraded over the version Now, this PC managing software application has a new redesigned user interface and animation effect. BesidesHuawei, the PC Manager has now added supports for the computers and laptops of other brands.

The new changes are very visible on the PC Manager and many improvements reflect on its performance such as the Huawei Share’s transferring speed has been improved and the performance is more optimized in comparison with the previous version.

To be mentioned, Huawei computer manager is the application program developed by Huawei for its laptop users. The software comes with a combined suite of solutions including:

  1. Multi-screen collaboration
  2. Huawei Share
  3. Smart Search
  4. Computer Optimization
  5. AppGallery
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Quick Service
  8. Play Machine Skills
  9. Cloud Space Management

One thing to note that, the new version of PC manager is currently available only for Chinese users, yet it’s global availability is decided.

Apart from this, Huawei has released its new high-end chargers with model number HW-200A00P00 supports 135W fast charging of peak up to 20Vx6.75A and comes with multiple charging solutions such as PD, DCP, QC, FCP, and so on. (Read Here)

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