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Huawei bringing 135W charger for smartphones? Here’s something you need to know



Huawei Smart Charging Mode

According to the latest news coming from the charging head network, Huawei has released its new high-end charger, which supports the maximum power supply of up to 135W. It has been passed the FCC certification last year.

This charger unit is designed with a USB Type-C interface and suitable for multiple Huawei products including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many other products available in the market.

As per the information mentioned in the adapter, this charger with model number HW-200A00P00 supports 135W fast charging of peak up to 20Vx6.75A and supports multiple devices.

The multiple charging solutions include USB power delivery (PD), dynamic charging platform  (DCP),  quick charge 2.0, and 4 (QC), Huawei fast charge protocol (FCP), and Huawei smart charging protocol (SCP), and so on.

Talking about outlining the model, it’s no different from others and adopted the white color, glossy surface, split pin ports, and integrated cables.

However, this charger comes with tables, and a smartphone icon on it, indicating its support for these products but looking at the high-power supply we believe that it’s more proper for laptops.

Furthermore, the company didn’t bring this model to Huawei stores yet, so it’s expected that it can come with the upcoming accessories or product launch event in the future.

Currently, Huawei uses 65W as the peak charger in its smartphone devices but the company has previous stated that it has already developed a higher capacity charger for smartphone devices but not been used in the current stage of development. Therefore, we can expect that the company may bring such chargers with future smartphones.

Apart from this, the previous report revealed that Huawei has two more yet-to-be-launched smartphones, which are expected to come with nova series-like design and configuration.

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