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OpenHarmony Educational Resource Package launched by OpenAtom Foundation



The OpenAtom Foundation is the only foundation with the theme of open source and the business scope includes fundraising, publicity, education, and training, open-source ecosystem construction, and other open-source-related activities.

Last September, Huawei announced at the HDC 2020 conference that it would donate OpenHarmony to the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is the official open-source project of the HarmonyOS operating system.

According to the information, the OpenHarmony Education Resource package owned by OpenAtom Foundation’s Educational Technology platform “OpenAtom Education” and co-sponsored by the OpenHarmony project group working committee was officially launched on the Gitee (Code Cloud) platform in May 2021.

It is based on the principle of “equal joint construction and voluntary sharing” and aims to provide a flexible assisting environment for the development of education and training content of the OpenAtom OpenHarmony project.

So, the open education contributors participating in the project can organize, create, share, and discuss educational resources related to the project with other people in the network, collaborate with group members, contribute documents, code resources, and upload resources for sharing.

OpenHarmony Warehouse:

The OpenHarmony Education Resource Warehouse provides free access and has a collection of open-licensed training courses, technical manuals, solutions, successful cases, and more.

It provides strong support for teaching, independent learning, development, research, and other activities related to the OpenHarmony project. As of now, it covers many sections related to the OpenHarmony project that includes:

  • OpenHarmonyAPP development, learning, and growth source code system
  • OpenHarmony Third-Party Component Development Guide
  • OpenHarmony application development foundation
  • OpenHarmony hardware development foundation
  • OpenHarmony component library application practice and advanced
  • OpenHarmony University Experiment Manual
  • OpenHarmony device development series of tutorials
  • One-stop training course for IoT HarmonyOS HiSpark Kit
  • Peking University Spring 2021 Open Source Software Course
  • Tsinghua 2021 Spring Operating System Course
  • Youth Open Source HarmonyOS Course
  • OpenHarmonyApp Development_From Mengxin to Master
  • OpenHarmonyApp development_2048 game presentation
  • OpenHarmony kernel Liteos-a porting

For more information, OpenHarmony Open Education Resource Warehouse is one of the top four resource warehouses of the Open Atom Education Gitee platform. This platform is the theoretical basis of open source education, open-source training courses, and the Open Atom MVP laboratory.

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