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Over 5,000 5G projects and 20 industries had been established in the past year: Huawei Chairman




On June 5th, 2021, International Environment day was celebrated across the globe and the Chinese firm, Huawei organizes the National Home Games series in  Xining, Qinghai.

At the event, the company chairman – Liang Hua gave a speech about the achievements of Huawei and throw the lights on the company’s innovations over the past years.

He said the company has been successfully completed about 5,000 5G projects and about 20 industries have been established, which includes coal mines, steel, ports, manufacturing, and more.

Furthermore, the company has more than 1,000 strategic agreements with fellow partners in the field of 5G, Cloud Server, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and many other technologies.

Concerning the environmental resource conditions, the Chairman mentioned that 5G can provide great help in order to save the resources. For example, in the coal and metal resource mine in Shanxi China, the 5G technology is used to control the underground coal mining machines which include transport means.

This procedure is not only making the working environment more efficient but ensures the safety of underground workers also. It decreases the possibility of encountering mishappens in the coal mines.

The same goes with the Chemical field,  the use of 5G and AI robots made it easier to examine burnable gases, high-temperature areas, explosive machines or chemicals, and toxic chemicals. The 5G monitoring increases the safety standard by 80%, which can’t be overlooked.

Yash is a graduate of computer science and followed his way into journalism, he is interested in various subjects related to technologies and politics. Yash likes to listen classical songs and has a huge library of classical mixes.