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Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit set for 16 July, check schedule and agenda



Today, Huawei on its official Weibo account announced that the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit is scheduled for 16th July 2021. This event will take place in Chongqing city of China.

The company intends to introduce new HarmonyOS Connect solutions alongside a bunch of products certified by HarmonyOS Connect, which will define the new capabilities of HarmonyOS.

Furthermore, Huawei also launching the first-ever HarmonyOS professional certification program for application programming and device development engineers. And, will select the suitable person for various designations. (Full Story)

The event agenda announced by the company for the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit included the following-

  1. HarmonyOS Connect brand upgrade status
  2. New HarmonyOS Connect solutions
  3. HarmonyOS Connect professional certification program released
  4. First Show: Smart after-installation light smart solutions
  5. New Zone: HarmonyOS Connect Video Entertainment Zone

Previous Summit:

Before this, the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit was organized in Xiamen China on June 17 and released the smart interconnected third-party products from the Chinese partners.

The smart device includes Midea, Joyoung, Fangtai, Supor, and many other manufacturer’s products for different scenarios such as smart kitchens, sports, and health. (Read Here)

Furthermore, Huawei concluded the HarmonyOS Ecological Partner Summit on May 18. At the event, the company has silently launched the HarmonyOS connect zone on Huawei Mall alongside numerous products equipped with HarmonyOS interfaces such as air conditioners, soymilk machines, electrical steamers, etc.

(Weibo | Weibo)

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