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Huawei will soon release HarmonyOS professional certification program



As per the official news, Huawei is planning to releases the HarmonyOS Engineer Professional Certification this month. The company wants to encourage new software engineers to be a proficient and skillful developer and contribute to the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

In order to train its engineers, Huawei is planning to launch two official professional certifications by the 16th of July 2021. These two certificates related to application programming and device development will be named as

  1. HCIA-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0 for HarmonyOS application development engineers
  2. HCIA-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0 for HarmonyOS device development engineers

It’s noteworthy that these certificates are the first-ever of their kind in the field of HarmonyOS and it’s the first time when Huawei initiates this kind of activity for its developers.

Let’s look at some more details about these certificates-

HCIA-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0:

The certification will be given to the developer who will meet the following criteria:

  • Fundamental knowledge of HarmonyOS application development including system architecture, distributed features
  • HarmonyOS outline design and development line ability, UI design, and development
  • Functional designing and development of HarmonyOS interface such as thread management, data management, network management, log management, AI, etc
  • Learning and abilities for HarmonyOS application naming and propaganda

HCIA-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0:

The hardware engineers, who are eligible to get the HCIA device developer certificate, must satisfy the following specification including:

  • Basic knowledge of HarmonyOS device development such as system architecture, distributed feature, and so on
  • The device function construction and authorization for HarmonyOS including basic kernel functions, HDF driver framework, subsystems, and component modules, function commissioning, etc
  • Knowledge, skills, and capabilities for HarmonyOS porting

Huawei believes that these two certification courses will help the developers in polishing their skills and provide a detailed understanding of their respective work.

Furthermore, it will help the company to find suitable authorities for the position which namely include

  • HarmonyOS application development engineers
  • Device development engineers
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Systems software development engineer
  • Embedded systems software development engineer
  • Pre-sales engineer
  • After-sales engineer, and other positions

(Via- Ithome)

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