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Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Summit: Launched new third party smart products with fully connected HM OS experience



On June 17, Huawei hosted the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit in Xiamen, China. At the event, Huawei demonstrated various use cases of the interconnected device environment around HarmonyOS.

According to the information, Huawei also unveiled a bunch of new smart products from third-party Chinese partners including Midea, Joyoung, Fangtai, Supor and many other manufacturers were unveiled.

There is an on-site exhibition area, where people can test run the latest HarmonyOS products and experience all-scenario smart life technologies with just one touch.

Currently, many smart home appliances are available in the market but they have some common problems such as:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Poor interactive experience
  • Multi operation steps
  • Find manually and more

Regarding this, Huawei mentioned HarmonyOS Connect brings a new simple, smooth, continuous, safe, and reliable interactive experience for its consumers. Also, it allows controlling multiple platform devices through a single Super device.

In terms of smart homes, the smart kitchen appliance with the HarmonyOS system can connect with a smartphone in just one touch. Like with the previously launched Midea steaming and cooking stove, Supor chef automatic cooking device, and more HarmonyOS powered devices.

They were using new OS capabilities and features to select recipes for one-click cooking, to shows the freshness of the foods, and more. Additionally, it provides a large number of recipes, and also users can customize according to their preference.

In the sports and health section, treadmills can connect with mobile phones, smartwatches, bands, running wizards, smart speakers, and other devices to form a sports health super device and synchronize the user’s health data with each other.

Looking at office segments, the voice recorder, printer and other devices can form a smart office super device together with mobile phones along with other HarmonyOS Connect office devices. With just one touch, the voice recorder can transfer and write in real-time and the printer can trigger a print.

Furthermore, users can control different types of devices with the help of the super devices and all of these operations happen with just a simple tap.

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