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HarmonyOS Connect section is now launched on Huawei Mall, will help to sell HarmonyOS powered devices



Last month, Huawei organise the HarmonyOS Ecological Partner Summit on May 18. At the event, the Vice-President of Huawei’s consumer business AI, Yang Haisong, announces the HarmonyOS Connect upgrade plan and related terms.

At the same event, the vice-president informed that Huawei is planning to launch the HarmonyOS Connect Zone in July to promote the sale of HarmonyOS products via online and offline channels.

Following the statement, Huawei has silently launched the HarmonyOS connect zone on Huawei Mall alongside a bunch of products that work on the HarmonyOS platform.

The product line includes air conditioners, soymilk machines, electrical steamers, water purifiers, water heaters, cookery devices, stoves, digital cameras, and so on equipped with HarmonyOS.

Furthermore, the company also released a video displaying a smart with HarmonyOS interface that is communicating with the other smart home appliances that to working on the HarmonyOS platform.

Apart from this, the Bank of China along with the China CITIC bank adopting the HarmonyOS and invoke the atomization service working on the HarmonyOS platform. Meanwhile, the China Guafga Bank is the first one to shift over the HarmonyOS interface. (Read Here)

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